Good News

NBA referee Derek Richardson has opened an elementary school in Inglewood, California.

Good News

Issa Rae was bestowed with the key to the city of Inglewood.


Gordon Solomom (pictured), pastor of  Christ’s Community Church in Inglewood, California has been charged with nine felony counts of allegedly committing lewd acts on a child, KTLA television reports. SEE ALSO: Kourtney Kardashian Has Baby Girl Study: To Keep Baby Healthy, Get A Dog Solomon, who is married, allegedly met the girl two years ago […]

Brea Persley, 13, says that her science teacher told her to “sit your nappy-headed self down” in front of the whole class last week at Inglewood‘s Century Academy of Excellence, KTLA-TV in Los Angeles reports. SEE ALSO: Crazy Birther Founder Orly Taitz Could Finish In Top-Two Primary The teen’s teacher, Kelly Dempsey, called Brea’s family […]