On Jan. 3, 2008, first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois Barack Obama made American -- and Black -- history by winning the Iowa Caucuses on his way to becoming the first-ever African American president of the United States.


Ryann Richardson breaks down the support, or lack thereof, that former Mayor Pete Buttigieg has received from Black voters.

Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton declared victory Monday night at the all-important Iowa Caucuses, despite being neck and neck with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Republican candidate Ben Carson's campaign announced that he would return to his Florida home Monday after the Iowa Caucuses "to get a fresh set of clothes."


After all of the political excitement this election season, including the dizzying and ceaseless Donald Trump Show, we will finally know the names of the winners of the Iowa Caucuses after the polls close at 10 PM CT on Monday.


President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are scheduled to meet Wednesday at the White House for an informal discussion ahead of key early races in Iowa and New Hampshire.