Sheryl Underwood, comedian and co-host of ‘The Talk,’ revealed to the studio audience that she was born a twin but, tragically, her sister died shortly after birth. In a shocking twist, she added that her mother wanted her to hate her father, so she told her that he had killed her sister by suffocating her […]

Will (pictured far right) and Monifa Sims (pictured) never imagined that they’d become overnight Internet sensations as a result of a quick trip to their local gas station to fill up their car. SEE ALSO: Son Gives Mother Gift Of Life For Mother’s Day Actor Tim Stack of “Pumpcast News,” a regular sketch on “The […]

SAN FRANCISCO — President Barack Obama says he’s waiting for the Republican presidential field to narrow itself down ‘Survivor’-style before he starts paying attention to the contenders running to replace him. “I’m going to wait until everybody is voted off the island,” Obama said, referring to the popular reality show in which contestants are voted […]

In her typically stylish, composed way, Michelle Obama appeared on the Tonight Show. She spoke of being a frugal shopper, and saving money online.