Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s State of the Union address will highlight Black Americans whose lives have been drastically affected by police brutality.

The White House sat down with the members of the Congressional Black Caucus to discuss police reform after the murder of Tyre Nichols.

President Barack Obama isn't on the growing list of former presidents and vice presidents who took classified documents home, leaving his "scandal-free" reputation intact.

The concept of political sabotage is far from out of the question in 2023.

The GOP "prop" spoke out after the House Speaker race.

Conservatives blasting Joe Biden for mixing up Cambodia and Columbia support Herschel Walker amid his ongoing gaffes, exposing GOP hypocrisy.

Native Americans have endured great pain while contributing to the nation.

Black leaders were reacting to Biden pardoning federal marijuana convictions by urging Congress and governors to do the same on the state level.

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke on the Willie Moore Jr. Show on Friday where she briefly detailed the economic contributions that the Biden Administration has provided HBCUs during its tenure.

All this talk about the United States' student loan crisis got us thinking about the price tag of college abroad.

Civil rights leaders met with Biden to address efforts to undermine democracy as the midterm elections approach.

Joe Biden delivered a fiery speech in Pennsylvania pushing his plan to "fund the police."