Robert F. Kennedy Jr. says President Joe Biden is a bigger threat to democracy than Donald Trump because of social media bans.

The campaign ads aired in choice states.

Mixtapes of Trump's verbal gaffes played by House Democrats while grilling special counsel Robert Hur was dismissed by Trump as AI.

The NAACP's Black Policy Agenda highlights the pressing concerns of Black Americans ranging from health care and voting rights to police reform.

The Senator went viral for the wrong reasons.


Videos of Donald Trump giving speeches is reinforcing the same alleged cognitive concerns that Republicans have used to fearmonger about President Joe Biden.


Conspiracy theorists think Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket in the latest instance of Republican fearmongering.

Race Matters

President Biden's response to the U.S. soldiers killed in a drone attack in Jordan contrasts with how Trump reacted to Gold Star families that are Black and brown.


The same white supremacy system the president condemned has fueled the “genocide” in Gaza.

"A vote away from President Biden is a vote for Donald Trump," a pollster said.

The lone Black presidential candidate had time.