There are still parallels with Frederick Douglass' speech to white America on July 5, 1852.


Simply the best films to watch or the Fourth of July, that "other" Independence Day.


One of the many ways President Barack Obama set himself apart from his successor was how he observed the Fourth of July.


From the drunk uncle to the revolutionary, they show up every year.

This shooting will likely spark outrage.


A petition was recently launched in an effort to get Williams fired from the ABC show Grey's Anatomy.

Seven-year-old Amari Brown was among the victims of ten fatal shootings in Chicago over the long Fourth of July weekend, which saw 64 shootings in total, highlighting the problem of intractable violence in the embattled city, according to The Chicago Tribune. Brown was playing in a front yard in the city’s Humboldt Park community when he […]

“I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence..” Having a sense of patriotism to the country we call America can be fleeting. After all, as a millennial and an African-American (with sprinkles of West Indian and Puerto Rican seeds), I can unapologetically say I’ve felt proud to be an American about four times in my life. In […]