Brandon Mitchell recalled feeling "stress" and "pressure," but not to deliver a guilty verdict. Instead, he said, it was having to repeatedly see the explicit video footage of George Floyd being killed that took an emotional toll on him.

Former president Barack Obama has been called for jury duty and plans to serve on an undisclosed date in Cook County, Illinois in November.

Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Olu Stevens may have abused his power last week when he stopped a drug trial and dismissed an entire jury panel because it had too few Blacks.

The discovery of racially coded notes taken by prosecutors during jury selection is forcing the Supreme Court to take a second look at this murder trial, The Washington Post reports.

Prosecutors in Louisiana are excluding potential Black jurors three times as often as jurors of another race by using peremptory challenges

Laura Trickle is in quite a pickle! The Missouri mom, who has a breastfeeding seven-month old baby boy, Axel Graham, is in hot water with the legal system just for having her son in tow when she reported for jury duty last August. Now, the muddled mom, who was hit with a court order by a […]