Kim Potter, the ex-Minnesota police officer who killed Daunte Wright after allegedly confusing her gun for a Taser, was released from prison before fully serving her already lenient sentence.

A Minnesota judge handed down an extra lenient prison sentence of just 24 months to former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter for killing Daunte Wright after purportedly confusing a Taser for a gun in suburban Minneapolis last year.

Daunte Wright's family, including his parents, siblings and mother of his son, had the opportunity to confront Kim Potter before the former Minnesota police officer convicted of manslaughter was sentenced for killing the 20-year-old motorist.

Kim Potter's smiling mugshot after her convictions for the first- and second-degree manslaughter killing of Daunte Wright provided even more reason to doubt the sincerity of the former Minnesota cop's emotional testimony mocked as acting during the trial.

Potter's conviction for killing Daunte Wright, 20, came after four days of jury deliberation.

Former police officer Kim Potter testified in her own defense and appeared to cry when discussing her killing of Daunte Wright. However, her dry eyes suggested she was simply shedding "white tears" to angle for an acquittal.

Defense attorneys for Kim Potter, the former Minnesota police officer who shot killed Daunte Wright because she purportedly confused her gun for a Taser, said the shooting "is not a crime" and may argue that it was "reasonable."

Brooklyn Center authorities released information pertaining to Potter's service file, which could be viewed as an attempt to persuade the public's perception after Potter shot and killed Wright in the midst of a traffic stop on April 11.

The family stated that there is no sufficient form of justice because they have to venture through life without their son, but urged for "accountability at the highest level."

A white driver attacked a Minnesota cop with his car and a hammer and lived to tell about it four days after Daunte Wright, who is Black, was gunned down during a traffic stop for having too many air fresheners in his car.

Kim Potter, 48, was a 26-year veteran on the Brooklyn Center police force and was placed on administrative leave after the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright.

Several members of Daunte Wright's family spoke out on Tuesday alongside other families who gained national prominence after losing a loved one to state sanctioned violence.