Jean-Pierre became the second Black woman to lead a White House press briefing on Wednesday, following Judy Smith in 1991.

Kristen Clarke became the first Black woman and first woman overall to lead the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division with her Senate confirmation that followed a drawn-out process that stalled for months.


Nominated to be the first Black woman to lead the Department of Justice’s civil rights division, Kristen Clarke is caught in the crosshairs of conservative theatrics.


Legal experts slam the institution of higher learning.


He explains why he left the hate group.

NewsOne Now

Rev. William Barber and NewsOne Now panelist Kristin Clarke explain why Jeff Sessions is unfit to be the nation's next Attorney General.

The National Bar Association and the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights are working to protect voters from voter suppression efforts.

A death row inmate's last-ditch effort to stay alive has gone before the U.S. Supreme Court in a bizarre case.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump took part in the Commander-in-Chief’s Forum, hosted by NBC News’ Matt Lauer, on Wednesday night. The discussion focused on how the two presidential candidates would address issues of national security and allowed them to explain their respective approaches to foreign policy. Retired U.S. Army General John Hawkins, III spoke with Roland […]