In a statement posted to his website on Monday, the Republican shared that he will not enter the race. “Over the last several months, many Americans have urged me to run for president as an independent, and some who don’t like the current candidates have said it is my patriotic duty to do so,” he wrote.

Hillary Clinton's social media campaign to reach Hispanic voters backfired and the hashtag #NotMyAbuela, as in not my grandmother, was born.

Marco Rubio, the Cuban-American Tea Party candidate from Florida, is quietly making waves among Republicans and may be conservatives’ game changer in the racially charged 2012 presidential election. Though a majority of Latino voters still lean Democratic, large numbers are starting to lose faith in Obama. With this in mind,  pundits on both sides of […]

Arizona’s controversial immigration law has prompted denunciations, demonstrations, boycotts and a federal lawsuit. But it may not bring the protest vote many Democrats had hoped would stem a Republican onslaught in races across the country.