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The decomposing bodies of a young mother and her three children were discovered in their South Side Chicago home early Saturday night, ABC7 Chicago reports. Latoya Jackson, 27, and her sons Andrew, 11, Cameron, 9, and Kentrall, 5, were discovered after neighbors reported a strong odor coming from the home. Read more at ABC7 Chicago: […]


  La Toya Jackson (pictured) has finally tied the knot, marrying forever friend and business partner Jeffre Phillips (pictured) on Friday at an intimate ceremony with just a handful of friends and family, according to US Weekly. SEE ALSO: Did Kanye West Say He Was The ‘Next Nelson Mandela’? Phillips, who co-stars on Jackson’s OWN […]

Donald Trump’s hit reality show “All-Star Apprentice,” which currently stars, among others, singer/actress LaToya Jackson and reality star villainess, Omarosa Manigault, has taken quite a nasty turn. The two women went at it on Sunday night’s show, but when Jackson commented that her nemesis “probably pulled the cord on Michael Clarke Duncan,” that was the last straw. […]

As we  remember Michael Jackson on his birthday, his sister details her abuse and her theory on her brother’s murder in her book “Starting Over”. She suspects a conspiracy behind his demise, a plot by his business advisers and doctors to work him to death with the “This Is It” concerts and then profit off his […]

Michael Jackson’s sister, Latoya Jackson told CBS that her ex-husband, Jack Gordon, tried to offer sexual services from her to Mike Tyson for $100,000. The New York Daily News Reports: Gordon, who passed away in 2005, allegedly told Tyson that sleeping with Jackson would cost him $100,000. “I was in brothels and everything,” she said. […]

NEW YORK — Michael Jackson spent the last months of his life frightened and on edge, convinced that he would be killed by people wanting to get access to his valuable music catalog, according to his sister, LaToya Jackson. Jackson makes the claims in her new book, “Starting Over,” which also chronicles her own troubles, […]

NEW YORK — La Toya Jackson writes in her new book “Starting Over” that the first question that ran through her mind after she learned of her brother’s death was, “Who killed Michael?” The book is scheduled to go on sale next week, two years after the pop star’s death of a sedative overdose. Dr. […]