LeBron James


Donald Trump took shots at LeBron James saying that he'd be a great women's basketball coach if James were a woman.

Tennis powerhouse Naomi Osaka has launched her own production company.

The LeBron James Family Foundation unveiled plans to open an Akron-based medical facility to ensure healthcare is affordable and accessible.

LeBron James has officially cemented his GOAT status in basketball after being deemed the first active NBA player to become a billionaire


On Thursday, Kyle Rittenhouse reminded us all that his contrition and trauma were as fake as his tears and his anger at LeBron James when he shared a tweet in which the meme made from his moment on the stand to blame President Joe Biden for rising gas prices. 

The LeBron James Family Foundation has teamed up with Old El Paso to open a restaurant that will feed and provide job opportunities for underserved families.

LeBron James has teamed up with Crypto.com for the creation of a cryptocurrency education program for youth.

LeBron James had a couple removed from the L.A. Lakers vs. Indiana Pacers game after a woman allegedly said to him, "I hope Bronny dies in a car wreck."

LeBron James has joined an initiative centered on amplifying the contributions of diverse educators.

LeBron James and Drake are executive producing a documentary about the stories of unsung Black hockey trailblazers.

LeBron James and his business partner Maverick Carter are part-owners of the Boston Red Sox.

The LeBron James Family Foundation will open a community center in Akron that will provide families with financial literacy resources and job training.