A private investigation by lawyer and civil rights activist Jill Collen Jefferson revealed that at least eight Black people have been lynched in Mississippi since 2000, carrying its unfortunate legacy as the state with the most lynchings on record.


Black children are not killed because police fail to recognize them as children. They are killed because they are Black. 


The hanging death of a Black man in New Jersey named Amani Kildea came amid a string of other suspected lynchings of Black people in recent months.

People continue to demand further investigations.


Folks bring up receipts from Trump's racist past after he compares the impeachment inquiry against him to "a lynching."

Maryland has become the first state in the country to create a statewide commission on racial terror lynchings.


What we are not going to allow is for this country to continue to put Botham Jean on trial for his own murder.

“Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror” unflinchingly explores America’s brutal history of lynching and provides a powerful history lesson, using individual stories that show, despite “emancipation,” thousands of African Americans were brutally murdered in this country in the name of the White supremacist status quo.


A museum will also go alongside the memorial to trace the country's history from slavery to present day. The structure is slated to open in April 2017.

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In a new report that sheds more light on an appalling and painful chapter in U.S. History, the Equal Justice Initiative released a report Tuesday that lists the names of nearly 4,000 Blacks lynched in the Jim Crow South between 1877 and 1950, according to the New York Times. SEE ALSO: Obama, Black Lawmakers Discuss Poverty, […]

The long, ugly history, regarding the lynching of Blacks in America was not formally acknowledged until 2005. Amazingly, there had been no federal law enacted to outlaw the racist practice, despite hundreds of bills that were introduced to Congress and seven presidents who urged lawmakers to pass the law between the years of 1890 and […]