Charles Allen Barnes is mad he's getting death threats after allegedly vowing to "kill me a n*gger."

An insurance agency in Maine, upset to be closed on Juneteenth, posted a sign that read "Enjoy your fried chicken & collard greens."

Maine officials said the vehicle is registered to Nicole Mokeme's boyfriend, Raymond Lester.

A federal judge in Portland, Maine ruled that evidence found by state troopers during a traffic stop cannot be used in court because officers racially profiled a black motorist before pulling him over.

Dusty Leo, a suspected white supremacist convicted of a hate crime in Maine for attacking an unsuspecting Black man and breaking his jaw because of the color of his skin, was given a light prison sentence because the judge said he was "intoxicated" and must have been "brainwashed."

A mayor in one of the nation’s whitest states resigned in disgrace after a series of racist text messages he sent were made public.

The restaurant was exposed on Facebook.

The town manager of Jackman, Maine sees no problem with telling people who are not part of “Western civilization” to out of the city.

Arrest data undermines Maine Gov. LePage's outrageous claims about Black drug trafficking in Maine. He refuses to release the contents of his binder with evidence.

Maine Gov. Paul LePage said he will not resign. State lawmakers and residents are urging him to step down or get professional help.

Maine's Republican leaders had enough of their governor's racist rants and profanity. They plan to hold a private meeting before deciding on what actions to take.

Democratic Rep. Ben Chipman of Portland, Maine has submitted a measure to impeach GOP Gov. Paul LePage over an alleged abuse of power in dealing with a charter school operator, according to The Associated Press.