Democrat Wes Moore won his election to become Maryland's first Black governor and just the third-ever Black governor elected in U.S. history.


Maryland’s Republican nominee for governor, Del. Dan Cox, fell flat trying to woo Black voters at Morgan State University, Maryland's largest HBCU.

Good News

A statue honoring trailblazing abolitionist Harriet Tubman has risen in Maryland.

Finding answers is like connecting dots. Since I am a Black American and Morris was likely a name given to my ancestors, I began my dot connecting there. 

Good News

Dr. Valerie Sheares Ashby will become the first woman to serve as president of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.

Maryland native and former NCAA basketball player Maurice Creek is not quite home, but he is finally out of Ukraine.

Good News

Tiffany Capri Hainesworth made history as the first Black woman to solely own a tequila brand.

The new federal indictment accusing Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby of lying on a COVID-19 loan application comes after a failed investigation partially rooted in racism that is desperate to make any charges stick, her defense attorney said.

A historic Black cemetery in Maryland is at the center of a development dispute, first after it was turned into an apartment complex parking lot and currently due to a property firm that may be looking to exploit the grounds even further.

Civil rights groups and critics of excessive force question the tactics taken during the arrests as video evidence proves that unlawful white citizens are routinely taken into custody without physical harm, even when armed.

A new bill could shift power in Baltimore by allowing the city to regain control over its police department after 160 years of the state calling the shots.