Olympic champion sprinter Michael Johnson suffered a mini-stroke.

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In that moment, I realized that Black lives really don’t matter – not just to the law enforcement officers


A judge has dropped all murder charges against Michael Johnson (pictured) in Phylicia Barnes’ case, the Baltimore Sun reports. RELATED: Arrest Made In Phylicia Barnes’ Murder Judge John Addison Howard acquitted Johnson of second-degree murder charges Tuesday, noting that prosecutors produced insufficient evidence against him. The decision comes a month after Howard declared a mistrial in […]


Seventy-six years after Jesse Owens deflated the myth of Aryan supremacy by dominating the 1936 Summer Olympics, Michael Johnson (pictured), a once-prominent player on the world stage, is again highlighting a purported link between ethnicity and athletic performance. SEE ALSO: Obamacare Ruling Fails Black Women With HIV When it comes to explaining the success of […]