As Hurricane Sandy barreled down on the East Coast, there was another storm brewing that quietly made landfall. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada), accused GOP presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, of tax evasion “for over 10 years” on the Senate floor in August, but the intense speculation around his statement simmered down after Mittens released two years […]

Rev. O’Neal Dozier, an African-American pastor and honorary chairman for Rick Santorum’s presidential campaign, has called on Mitt Romney to renounce Mormonism because of its history of racism. The Mormon Church has had an issue with race as it banned African Americans from becoming priests in their church until 1978, based on The Book Of […]

After an essay in the Washington Post by Jason Horowitz about the longstanding ban on African Americans becoming priests in the Mormon Church, which lasted until 1978, the Mormon Church has responded with a statement. In Horowitz’s essay, he interviewed Randy Bott, a religion professor at the Mormon college, Brigham Young University, who said that […]

The Mormon Church owns a controversial gun selling website that allows people to buy guns online without passing a background check according to a report by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the website Buzzfeed. The website, came under scrutiny after Buzzfeed revealed that it was owned by Deseret Media Companies, the for-profit arm […]