A June 25 trial date has finally been set for Corey Walker, the lone adult charged with murdering rapper Pop Smoke in 2020.


Latoya James was killed during a botched raid and cops blamed her cousin for it.

The third anniversary since George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, all four of the former-police officers involved in the kneeling killing have finally been fully held accountable for their actions and inactions on that fateful day.


Prosecutors closed their case in the trial for the murder of rapper XXXTentacion by showing cellphone video footage of suspects "happy" and dancing with cash after the 2018 shooting.

The murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman remain unsolved 27 years later.

Defense attorneys ripped the conviction of a Black man who stood his ground in Georgia.

Marc Wilson was found guilty of manslaughter but acquitted of murder in a case centered on race.


It wasn't just that Joshua Lee Burgess killed his daughter Zaria, but it was also how he killed the 15-year-old that drew attention to the case.

Former police officer Kim Potter testified in her own defense and appeared to cry when discussing her killing of Daunte Wright. However, her dry eyes suggested she was simply shedding "white tears" to angle for an acquittal.

Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William "Roddie" Bryan - the three white men involved in Ahmaud Arbery's killing - have been found guilty of murder in the vigilante shooting of the 25-year-old Black jogger they racially profiled in Brunswick, Georgia.

During the third day of testimony in the trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, Judge Timothy R. Walmsley stopped court proceedings to scold defense attorney Jason Sheffield for being rude and disrespectful to the court.

Last week Rittenhouse’s lawyer Mark Richards said the young teenager could take the stand in his defense, allowing the 18-year-old some say into his mindset during the night of the deadly shootings.