The chairwoman of Starbucks will soon be able to add "Denver Broncos co-owner" to her already impressive resume.

Good News

Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry is now part-owner of Major League Soccer’s Nashville SC team.


Josh Williams, a defensive back from Fayetteville State projected to be selected in the 2022 NFL Draft, told NewsOne in an exclusive interview that he wants to "rewrite what people think about HBCUs and their athletes."

Good News

Retired NFL running back Marshawn Lynch is now part-owner of the NHL's Seattle Kraken team.

He faces 22 civil suits alleging various accounts of sexual assault and misconduct.

Calvin Ridley's season-long suspension for betting on games in which he didn't play is a far cry from the lenient past punishments handed down to NFL players who brutally beat women and children, for example.

Black News

Highlighting three Black women, Maia Chaka, Felecia M. Nave and Mia Schultz, who are breaking barriers and choosing to challenge inequity through their work and leadership. 

The Miami Dolphins held a press conference on Thursday for their new head coach Mike McDaniel and the media couldn’t wait to ask him a question about how he identifies with race.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Amid a racial discrimination lawsuit against the NFL, civil rights leaders met with commissioner Roger Goodell to demand change to the league's pro-diversity policy that has failed.

Flores is the latest victim of an NFL culture that sees black men, players, or coaches, as a product before it does a person. His suit is just the latest proof that Colin Kaepernick was right about the league from the jump.

Black NFL head coach David Culley was fired from the Houston Texans last week. He is the second NFL Black head coach in a week to be fired from the job.

Good News

NFL player Emmanuel Ellerbee has founded a nonprofit designed to introduce student-athletes to STEM.