Another Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday, another tone-deaf tweet incorrectly co-opting the civil rights icon's famous words.

NFL player Jalen Ramsey donated $1 million to a school in Nashville.

Robert Wood "Woody" Johnson is accused of racist and sexist comments.

Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, Tyrann Mathieu, Deshaun Mahomes, and more speak out.

Social media was erupting overnight as news broke that an NFL star's wife busted him cheating on her with another woman and his own brother.

Former NFL player-turned-doctor Myron Rolle is helping fight the coronavirus pandemic.


Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin, has spoken out in support of quarterback Mason Rudolph who was accused of calling Cleveland Browns' defensive end Myles Garrett the N-word, which ignited a brawl last year.


The Washington Washington Football Team set to hire first Black woman assistant coach in the NFL.

The notion that super-woke Black culture had canceled Jay-Z for his social justice and entertainment partnership with the NFL was challenged and then some during Super Bowl LIV in Miami.


Jay-Z says he doesn't care about the negative press he gets about his NFL deal because he is focused on the bigger picture.


PETA attempts to launch Colin Kaepernick-inspired Super Bowl ad featuring animals kneeling.


The NFL has launched a PSA on the life of Botham Jean after blackballing Colin Kaepernick for protesting against police brutality and racism.