La David Johnson's widow celebrated his life.

Republicans's reaction to a morbid White House joke about John McCain's health was a far cry from their silence after the president offended the pregnant widow of a soldier killed in combat.

New details have emerged about the plans Sgt. La David Johnson had for his family before his tragic death in Niger.

The Pentagon is investigating Twitter posts that claim to show footage of Islamic militants ambushing U.S. troops in Niger.

Poor planning and execution caused the preventable deaths in October of eight soldiers in Niger, including Sgt. LaDavid Johnson.

The government acknowledged that additional remains from Army Sgt. La David Johnson were found in Niger more than a month after he was killed.

The way in which Sgt. La David Johnson was killed during an ambush in Niger earlier this month prove that he died a hero.

The wife of one of the four U.S. soldiers killed in West Africa this month has painted a completely different picture than another widow did of a condolence call from President Donald Trump.

America has been waiting to learn the details about how and why Sgt. La David Johnson wasn’t rescued sooner after a deadly ambush against U.S. troops by terrorists in West Africa earlier this month.

The White House chief of staff seemingly confirmed that the president did callously tell a grieving widow that her soldier husband “knew what he had signed up for” before he died in action.