Black residents in South Carolina could be in trouble of losing their homes as the state plans to widen a freeway interchange to help alleviate highway congestion in the area.

Good News

North Charleston High School Principal Henry Darby works night shifts at Walmart to support students at his school who are facing financial hardships.

North Charleston hires its first Black police chief following the fatal police shooting of Walter Scott.

Former North Charleston, South Carolina officer Michael Slager says the police association promised to pay his legal bills after he was arrested and charged in the shooting death of Walter Scott, an unarmed Black man.

The family of Walter Scott, who was shot and killed by a cop in North Charleston, SC, reached the $6.5 million deal with the city.

A South Carolina grand jury returned a murder indictment on Monday against a White former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed Black man in April, inflaming tensions over police brutality against African-Americans, according to MSNBC. The former officer, Michael Slager of the North Charleston Police Department, was captured on video firing eight shots at […]

A South Carolina homeowner who was fired at by the police after being mistaken for a suspect had just two seconds to react before he was shot, MSNBC reports. Bryant Heyward, 26, was shot in the neck by Charleston County Sherriff’s deputy Keith Tyner last week after calling about a break-in. Heyward says two men shot into […]


By now we’ve heard lawyers, activists, analysts, journalists, and a list of lay people say it over and over —  the video in the Walter Scott police shooting made the difference in the case. Had it not been for plain, graphic, in-your-face evidence caught on a cellphone camera by Feidin Santana, who was simply on […]

The person who captured Walter Scott being shot down by a South Carolina police officer on video is speaking out about what exactly he saw. Feidin Santana, 23, has come forward to say that there was in fact a struggle between the two men before the deadly shooting, but the officer had control of the situation before he […]