The Black soldier reportedly fled into North Korea over "racial discrimination within the U.S. Army."

Despite a reported racial resentment of the American military, Army soldier Travis King was "very happy" to return to the U.S. after defecting to North Korea, officials said.

Travis King has been "expelled" from North Korea more than two months after the U.S. soldier defected from South Korea, but there are still more questions than answers.

Conversations with North Korea have begun after the U.S. soldier crossed into the nation.

The U.S. Army soldier held in North Korea illegally crossed into the rogue nation.

National Archives suggested Trump - who called Kamala Harris a "North Korea sympathizer" - stole letters he exchanged with Kim Jong Un.


Remember when Obama was called naive for saying he was open to meeting with North Korea?

Kim Jong Un is an evil dictator who has allegedly killed his half-brother by poisoning, executed his uncle by firing squad and murdered entire families who dared challenge him. The people of North Korea are terrified of Kim and led to believe that he is a the ultimate ruler of globe. Now, North Korea media […]

Two radio station on Guam ignited fear of a possible North Korean nuclear attack when they accidentally broadcast an emergency alert .


A leaked audio file captures President Donald Trump inviting members of his Bedminster golf club to join his presidential transition meetings.


If true, the testing of the bomb -- hundreds of times more powerful than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 -- is the first for the country who has thrice tested plutonium weapons in underground nuclear experiments.