NY Justice League

Reading about the suicide of Kalief Browder is heartbreaking. His story is one of many tragedies that moved me to drive to Albany last week, to stand with legislators like Assemblyman Michael Blake in demanding that New York ‘Raise the Age’ at which youth are charged as adults in our courts. In New York State, […]

Kalief Browder, the 22-year-old who was horrendously abused by police officers on Rikers Island as a teen, was facing new charges shortly before his suicide on Saturday, the New York Daily News reports. Browder’s lawyer calls the charges against Kalief and his brother Kamal, 22, “baseless.” Both brothers were facing disorderly conduct and resisting arrest charges on Wednesday […]

The foot soldiers. All day, everyday, foot soldiers. The people that put their foot to a cause, who commit as soul doers…soldiers. They march by a Higher command, some of hierarchy, some with a touch. They are fighters, strong as one, but powerful united as one. Amongst the crowd their story is told, often dictated […]

My body is aching, my toes are purple-bruised, and my spirit is uplifted. My determination is renewed by the courageous young people leading us in this March2Justice. Decades ago, students, mothers, grandfathers, labor and faith leaders marched the streets of Selma, sat-in at Greensboro lunch counters, and took Freedom Rides to Jackson in pursuit of […]

As we head into the fifth day of March2Justice, it’s hard to say goodbye to our new family at Lincoln University, America’s first historically black college and a former stop on the Underground Railroad. Our Justice Champions have each taken about 225,000 steps by now, and though their legs and feet may ache, they say […]

Marching to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we were blessed to kick off the day’s journey with the Rev. Herbert Daughtry, a world-renowned Civil Rights warrior who once walked the same route we now travel. As we passed through the residential areas, we began chanting ‘justice for Brandon Tate-Brown,’ who was shot in the back of the head […]

The second day on our route was, in a word, powerful. Our route took us through Trenton, NJ, where residents came out to wave and cheer us on, and motorists tooted their horns in support. We broke for lunch in Martin Luther King Park, where we found inspiration in the Biblical verse on a mural […]

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day to gather and #March2Justice. April 13 started with about 250 people in Staten Island to rally and motivate our marchers, including elected officials such as Senator Gustavo Rivera, NYS 79th District Assemblyman Michael Blake, former NYC Comptroller John Liu, NYC councilman Andy King, NYC Councilwoman Deb Rose […]

One hundred fifteen. That’s the number of people killed by American law enforcement in the month of March in 2015. The U.S. has killed more of its citizens in one month than the UK has in over 100 years, according to the comparison offered by journalist Shaun King. Over the course of 31 days, 115 […]