Pop Culture

The jubilation that many Black people felt after O.J. Simpson's murder acquittal was more about the fairness of the criminal justice system than it ever was about O.J.


School systems hostile to Black cultural expression can threaten children’s well-being.


The affordability of quality housing is the sleeper issue of almost every election, and that goes double for the Black folks.


The hostility Black women face in higher education carries dire consequences as isolation can make opportunities elusive.


Why DA can keep prosecuting Trump – and what happens next.


Mike Tyson is getting back in the ring at 58 – what could go wrong? Exploring the health implications of older boxers fighting.


The decision letting workers show support for Black Lives Matter on the job sets a precedent for workers concerned about systemic racism.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

NewsOne was on the scene at this year's Bloody Sunday commemoration.


A judge nixed some of Georgia’s charges against Trump and his allies, but a legal scholar explains that won’t necessarily derail the case.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

Black Voters Matter and me too. International have joined forces for the 2024 election.


Ramadan will be difficult for Palestinians in Gaza or people in other war zones – what do the holy month's fasts mean for those who might be already not have anything to eat?


Asthma meds have become shockingly unaffordable as racial minorities have the highest rates − but relief may be on the way.