Amid the ongoing eviction controversy, Pastor John Gray claims that Rev. Ron Carpenter failed to uphold his promise to give him a leadership role at the Redemption church.

Pastor John Gray's Relentless Church has filed a counterclaim against a disgruntled former employee accused of shady business practices who sued for tens of thousands of dollars in allegedly unpaid wages.

Pastor John Gray returned to his Relentless Church in South Carolina after missing a week following reports that he and his congregation may need to find a new house of worship if threats of an eviction become reality.

Pastor John Gray was a no-show in his megachurch on Sunday, just days after it was reported that steps were being taken to evict the house of worship in South Carolina.

Pastor John Gray appeared to be in damage control mode after it was reported that his church in South Carolina was facing possible eviction over an unpaid debt to his landlord. Gray was speaking out about the development.

Pastor John Gray’s Relentless Church, which rents property in South Carolina from Redemption Church, is being evicted over some unpaid bills that the landlord has alleged in court documents.