Michigan cop Greg Marohn was rehired by a different police department after he lost his last job over drugs and racism.

A blend of brutality, corruption and malfeasance has been the prevailing culture in recent years within the Lousiana State Police, whose troopers are accused of killing motorist Ronald Greene.

The Chicago police is notoriously corrupt.


More people explain why an independent investigation is needed for the murder of a key witness.

Legal advocates urge the NYPD and Staten Island prosecutor to reconsider video evidence that suggests two officers planted drugs in a Black man's car.

A Brooklyn man walked out of prison after serving 25 years of a wrongful conviction linked to a notoriously corrupt NYPD detective.

Unfortunately, there's nothing unique about this case.

Dr. Bennet Omalu resigned his chief forensic pathologist position in San Joaquin County, California and accused the sheriff of interfering with his work to protect his officers.

Four men, dubbed the "Englewood Four," reached a $31 million settlement with Chicago for their wrongful conviction.

Baltimore's public defender calls into question 2,000 cases impacted by police corruption.

Maryland prosecutors indicted a corrections officer who had a double life as a Crips street gang leader.

The Los Angeles Police Department launched a probe of officers who appear to plant drugs on a suspect in a police body camera video