Philadelphia has reduced school-based arrests by 91% since 2013.

Police Brutality

High School student Tauris Sledge is facing criminal charges in Tennessee through no apparent fault of his own, according to viral video footage.


The truth is that police in schools will not keep young people safe and it is time for an expanded dialogue around policing.


If there is one thing we want people to know, it is this: students and staff are safest when they are in learning environments that prioritize trust-building and wellness. Police in schools will never be a substitute.


The fight for abortion access is also deeply tied to abolition.


As the arrest of two six-year-olds in a Florida school in October has shown, sometimes one threat to the students is the officers themselves.

A police officer was caught on video assaulting Black female high school student.

A civil rights lawsuit accuses a Pittsburgh-area school of enabling resource officers to use excessive force to discipline students.

Police officers lacking school environment training make most arrests--including handcuffing emotionally distressed students.

Increased security has unintended negative consequences, especially for African-American students.

The Black Lives Matter platform addresses the need for education reform.