Political Violence

A jury convicted a man who threatened to kill former President Obama and Rep. Maxine Waters.

Rep. Steve King, who has a long history of promoting white nationalism, came under fire for suggesting on social media that Republicans would defeat Democrats in a violent civil war.

LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Labor unions ended a crippling nationwide strike Monday in Nigeria after the country’s president partially restored subsidies that keep gasoline prices low, though it took soldiers deployed in the streets to stop demonstrations in Africa’s most populous nation. SEE ALSO: How To Talk With Your Kids About Dr. King’s Death Union […]

JAMAICA-A new movie, “Better Mus Come” is coming out shortly and the movie highlights the problems that led to the high level of political violence from Jamaica’s rival political parties, the People’s National Party and The Jamaican Labour Party, and the politically supported systems of Dons (gang) and Garrisons (residential areas). The movie stars Roger […]

Yesterday the mother of Gregory Giusti, the man who was arrested for threatening the life of Nancy Pelosi, was on ABC news. She seemed to blame Fox News violent rhetoric for his actions.