There is a reason President Barack Obama picked Camden, New Jersey as the city to announce a bold police initiative on Monday in an effort to address ongoing problems with policing in minority and poor communities. The once bustling industrial hub for shipping and consumer goods is now a ghost of its former self like […]

For some time, Black Americans have criticized President Obama for what many claim to be a lack of sufficient efforts to help the poor. Whether true or false, it is a criticism that the administration felt necessary to address as it recently released “Creating Pathways to Opportunity,” a report highlighting the numerous actions the president […]

SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Many states hit hardest by this week’s searing heat wave have drastically cut or entirely eliminated programs that help poor people pay their electric bills, forcing thousands to go without air conditioning when they need it most. Oklahoma ran out of money in just three days. Illinois cut its program to […]

From the New York Times: An unusual and much-heralded program that gave poor families cash to encourage good behavior and self-sufficiency has so far had only modest effects on their lives and economic situation, according to an analysis the Bloomberg administration released on Tuesday.