President-Elect Barack Obama

From Blame radio's drive-time zoo disc jockeys for a new skepticism among politicians. GOP Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen received a phone call from someone identifying himself as Barack Obama. She hung up on him, thinking it was a radio show prank—and even complimented him on his Obama impression. The only snag? It actually <em>was</em> the president-elect.

From Ada McMahon at Green For All: Last week, President-Elect Obama announced that upon taking office he will enact an immediate and sweeping economic stimulus plan that will create 2.5 million jobs in 2 years, many of which will be green jobs.

From The New Republic: Omniscient reader EC notes something crucial about new appointees James Jones, Eric Holder and Timothy Geithner: They all play Obama’s favorite sport.

This morning, President-elect Obama appointed his national security Cabinet posts in a televised press conference.

From The New York Times Online: Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry.

From The Daily Kos: On the day before Election Day — that final moment when candidates decide where they want to make their last case to the voters they want to win the most  — Barack Obama chose to visit three big battleground states: Florida, North Carolina and Virginia.

From Politico: You don’t hear much about the Iraq war these days, though the US death toll hit 4,205 on Monday. If human life isn't a convincing enough reason to bow out, writes Roger Simon in Politico, then here's one that "really is upsetting people these days: money."

Today, President-Elect Barack Obama announced the establishment of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board. The Economic Recovery Advisory Board will provide regular briefings to the President, Vice-President and their economic team.

From Spencer Ackerman at the Washington Independent: With much of President-elect Barack Obama’s cabinet still unnamed, it’s understandable that speculation should focus on who helms the different agencies.

From The Chicago Tribune: For those clamoring for invitations to future White House functions-everything from Christmas parties to state dinners-there will be few people more important than Desiree Rogers.

President-elect Barack Obama will keep Defense Secretary Robert Gates in that job for at least a year, according to an official familiar the two men’s discussions.

From Robert Reich's blog: Obama's immediate challenge is to fill the leadership vacuum created by a lame-duck president with historically-low approval ratings who seems to have lost interest in his job and a Treasury chief who has all but punted on coming up with any workable solution to the crisis.