He said "the rules of the game were rigged." Sound familiar?

Kristen Welker emerged as the real winner of the final presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump as the moderator managed to calmly keep control in a way that was missing from their first meeting.


The final presidential debate between Democratic nominee Joe Biden and President Donald Trump was a tame fare compared to the first one, but things got a little testy when the topic turned to the contentious topic of immigration.

"I'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate," Trump said during a Thursday phone interview on Fox Business News.

Trump's reportedly intended to bring attention during the debate to Alice Johnson, a Black woman to whom he granted clemency, to force Biden to apologize to her for the 1994 Crime Bill. Instead, Trump resorted to racism.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump met in Cleveland Tuesday night for the first of their three scheduled presidential debates.

It's a daunting task to debate a pathological liar, but that's exactly what Joe Biden will attempt to do when he squares off against Donald Trump in their first presidential debates at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

The third and final 2016 debate between Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton felt the most like a real debate. The candidates gave detailed answers regarding their views on everything from gun control and Roe v. Wade to immigration and defense.

Roland Martin and an expert panel of guests dissect the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Roland Martin and NewsOne Now discuss Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's remarks regarding race, policing, and healing the racial divide.

Donald Trump spewed lethal rhetoric at Monday night's debate, echoing disparaging statements about the Black community and President Barack Obama.


New York Police Commissioner James O'Neill revealed investigators will probe family, friends, social media, and Rahami's whereabouts to piece together the chain of events.