Joshua Cobb, a former Marine who is Black, has been charged for allegedly making social media threats to kill "all" white people in New Jersey.

Race Matters

Racist social media trolls are calling Matt Petgrave "murderer" and demanding his execution after the Black hockey player's skate fatally cut the neck of a white opponent.

The Chicopee Police Department in Massachusetts has rehired one of its former cops who retired following his racist social media posts that encouraged police brutality against protesters and wished harm to immigrants.

The latest trend on an even trendier social media app has taken a hateful turn for the worse after some of its users channeled their racism to fuel a viral challenge gone horribly wrong.

The Plain View Project is a searchable database that shows countless social media posts made by thousands of police officers around the country.

Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital confirms that a Black nurse no longer works for the hospital after a "troubling" twitter post.