Check out our picks for the best reality TV shows starring R&B singers, and let us know if you’re agreeing or singing a different tune:

With Usher recently calling 'Confessions' the "birth of toxic R&B," we look at 10 cheater anthems that admittedly hold a place in soul music.

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The R&B trio known as SWV sold over 25 million records worldwide and will now receive an official biopic on Lifetime Network.

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Songstress Ashanti has made history as the first Black woman music artist to be the co-founder of a Web3 platform.

The singer is known for songs "A Whole New World."

Taj and Lelee were a little more forgiving but Coko wasn't here for it.

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The icon is 60 years old.

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Songstress Joni Sledge has died at 60.

A documentary about Sharon Jones is up for Image Awards. It chronicles her cancer battle and pursuit of a music career.