Imagine looking the only survivors of one of the worst and most notorious race massacres in America’s history right in the eye and telling them they aren’t owed anything for what they suffered. Imagine saying that to Black people who are seeking reparations, not as the descendants of the people who suffered, but as the sufferers themselves.

Right-wing group Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Evanston, Illinois, for offering a reparations program to Black residents.


Conservatives have accused Jasmine Crockett of suggesting Black people shouldn't pay taxes as reparations, but a video shows that's far from the truth.


North Carolina’s lieutenant governor has a history of insensitive and racist remarks.

San Francisco officials plan to say sorry, and that's it.

The dehumanization of Black people in America hasn't ended.

The National Reparations Convention began this weekend without the ADOS Foundation's CEO, a scheduled panelist who said she had been "disinvited."

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An Oklahoma judge denied reparations to Tulsa Race Massacre survivors one day after a state school boss said the violence wasn't race-based.

The leader of California's reparations task force explained how the recent Supreme Court decision on race and admissions informed its recommendations for eligibility requirements.

The final proposal is going to the legislature.

One of the biggest concerns of community members is how the money will actually be allocated. 

Black Twitter had plenty to say after Dr. Phil ripped a plan to pay Black people $350,000 each in reparations for slavery.