Surveys show that white folks still aren't supporting the issues as much as Black people.

He lays out a proposal to assist Black communities.

Some people are wondering how the U.S. can come up with $2 trillion so quickly for a coronavirus bailout stimulus package while also repeatedly snubbing the topic reparations for descendants of slaves in America.

A video has surfaced of Sen. Bernie Sanders specifically being asked about reparations for Black folks and shifted the conversation to restitution being a national issue.

Perhaps no other issue among presidential candidates has managed to get as much attention as the argument surrounding reparations for descendants of slaves.

It’s a question being asked more frequently of Democrats running for the 2020 presidential nomination.

Georgetown University students voted overwhelmingly for a $27.20 per student fee charged each semester to benefit descendants of the school's slaves.

Other candidates are talking, the New Jersey Senator is adding action.

New Orleans plans to issue a proclamation on April 12, 2019, apologizing for the 1891 lynching of 11 Italian immigrants.

A new survey suggests that America is finally open to giving some form of reparations to African-Americans.

America was founded on big thinking like the Green New Deal, resisting and never prospering from small thinking, scare tactics or myopic vision.

Bernie Sanders has distinguished himself Monday on the topic of reparations, but for all the wrong reasons.