Donald Trump displayed racism and hypocrisy while speaking at the the Black Conservative Federation Gala in South Carolina.

Bob Spindell, the vice chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, claimed he's done more for Black people than any other white Republican.


Conspiracy theorists think Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden on the 2024 Democratic ticket in the latest instance of Republican fearmongering.

Ron DeSantis was never going to be president because Republican voters want Trump to validate their racism, xenophobia, open bigotry and ignorance.

Democratic Attorney General Aaron Ford announced the indictments of six state Republican accused of being fake electors in the 2020 election to rig a win for Trump.

Tim Scott says his "opponents" are to blame for the media focus on him not being married while running for president and that "voters don't care." But Republican donors sure do...


Donors reportedly want to know as they look 2024 campaigns to support.

The upstart political candidate decided to co-opt a famous Barack Obama quote to relate to the audience at the first Republican presidential primary debate on Wednesday night.

Race Matters

The fictional house slave reference enraged MAGA World.