(CNN) — Florida A&M University, under fire in the hazing death of a drum major and over its finances, was put on probation for one year by an accrediting agency, officials said Tuesday. FAMU expects more details of the sanction within the next week, the Tallahassee institution said in a statement. Administrators learned from the […]

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Two Florida A&M University music professors are on paid administrative leave following allegations they were present while band fraternity pledges were hazed. SEE ALSO: Trayvon Martin Case Is World Issue Top ‘Joe Oliver Must Be Smoking Something’ Quotes University President James Ammons announced the action late Wednesday. It came on the heels […]

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The father of a freshman in Florida A&M University’s famed marching band emailed the school’s president in 2007 after getting a series of panic-stricken phone calls. The son never described exactly what was happening, but he made it clear he feared getting beaten. SEE ALSO: At N.Y.C. Protest, Everyone Was Trayvon “I […]

The grim case of Florida A&M University (FAMU) Drum Major Robert Champion (pictured) has left a stain on the famed university. Three months ago, the shocking news that the band member and Decatur native collapsed and died while on a bus outside a hotel spread fast. Now with the Champion family bringing forth a lawsuit […]

From CBS News: There’s been a new twist in the Florida A&M hazing investigation, as the parents of a student who was beaten to death in November tell CBS News something previously unknown about him: Robert Champion Jr. was gay. SEE ALSO: Beverly Johnson Reveals “Price” Of Fame Haitian Children Remain In Adoption Limbo CBS […]