Robert F. Smith

Philanthropist and businessman Robert F. Smith is furthering his efforts to empower HBCU scholars through a new financial wellness initiative.

Businessman and philanthropist Robert F. Smith donated $15 million to his alma mater Cornell University to create pathways in STEM for underserved and underrepresented students.

Businessman Robert F. Smith’s nonprofit has teamed up with Prudential to create a $1.8M grant program for HBCU students.

Steve and Marjorie Harvey have joined investor and philanthropist Robert F. Smith’s initiative designed to economically empower HBCU students.

Businessman Robert F. Smith has teamed up with the digital money management company Goalsetter to equip Black and Latinx youth with the tools needed to cultivate generational wealth.

Businessman Robert F. Smith is opening a STEAM education school in Denver.

Billionaire Robert F. Smith has donated $50 million to support STEM students at historically Black colleges and universities.

Businessman Robert F. Smith is leading an effort to address racial disparities surrounding prostate cancer.

Billionaire Robert F. Smith will pay off the student loan debt for the parents of Morehouse College graduates.

Robert F. Smith is spreading the love even more.

Elijah Nesly Dormeus got the graduation gift we all dream of.

Billionaire Robert F. Smith has pledged to pay off the student loan debt for Morehouse College’s entire 2019 graduating class.