A Louisiana judge will allow a charge of negligent homicide in the 2019 death of Ronald Greene.

Five Louisiana State Troopers pleaded not guilty on Tuesday in the 2019 death of Ronald Greene, a Black man who died in police custody.

Louisiana Prosecutor Hugo Holland has been tapped to prosecute the five white cops who killed Ronald Greene, but he's a racist and pro-cop.

Greene died in custody in 2019 after he was brutalized during an arrest at a traffic stop.


Lawmakers investigating Greene's death voted unanimously to hold former Louisiana State Police Col. Kevin Reeves in contempt of court and fine him $5,000 for refusing to turn over a handwritten journal to investigators conducting a probe into the death of Ronald Greene.

Police Brutality

In light of previously withheld body-cam footage that showed Ronald Greene was beaten by Louisiana State Police officers, the FBI ordered Greene's autopsy to be reexamined and it turns out the cops were lying about the car crash causing his injuries.

Former Louisiana State Trooper Jacob Brown was caught on camera beating Black man Aaron Bowman over the head with a flashlight and calling it "pain compliance" despite the fact that Bowman is heard on camera shouting, "I'm not resisting," and the video doesn't show him doing anything violent.

A secret panel made up of seven investigators will determine if officers are targeting Black motorists in the state.

Ronald Greene's family believes the disturbing video footage of their loved ones last moments during a 2019 traffic stop aids in their cover up allegations against Louisiana State Police.

A blend of brutality, corruption and malfeasance has been the prevailing culture in recent years within the Lousiana State Police, whose troopers are accused of killing motorist Ronald Greene.