The UK has announced a plan that will transfer thousands of African migrants to Rwanda instead of allowing them to seek asylum in the UK.

The African-American Film Festival Releasing Movement (AFFRM) announced yesterday that they will theatrically distribute the Sundance award-winning film, “Kinyarwanda” this Fall. Written and directed by Alrick Brown, “Kinyarwanda” is based on the true stories of numerous Rwandans who experienced the atrocities of the genocide. “It doesn’t have bodies, it doesn’t have bullets. It doesn’t focus […]

When the international community botches its promises to protect the world’s most vulnerable, those at the helm of our largest economies, as well as the international press and your next door neighbor, are quick to assert their steadfast commitment to ‘never allow the past to repeat itself.’

From the NY Times: IWAWA ISLAND, Rwanda — A few months ago, Gasigwa Gakunzi was hanging around a ramshackle house where poor children pay to watch television when the Rwandan police arrested him for loitering. The next thing he knew, he said, he was taken away from his family and carted off to this remote […]