Eight years after Sandra Bland's controversial in-custody jail death, people haven't stopped saying her name and demanding justice.

A Texas grand jury has decided on Monday (Dec. 21) to not issue any indictments in the mysterious prison cell death of Chicago woman, Sandra Bland. Despite video evidence showing a display of excessive force from the arresting officer, the case now remains at a standstill. Houston NBC affiliate KPRC reports: A Waller County Grand Jury […]

Waller County officials have released new video of Sandra Bland, which reveals far more than was previously seen of her time in the jail where she mysteriously lost her life. While there have been two videos that have been issued to the public thus far, the newest video connects the timeline in between her initial […]

Waller County District Attorney Elton Mathis has appointed a committee of attorneys from outside his jurisdiction to review findings in the mysterious death of Sandra Bland. This committee will review evidence as it continues to be collected, all in an effort to help Mathis sort out the many moving parts of the case. Mathis made […]

In the ten days since the mysterious death of Sandra Bland in a Texas jail cell, speculation around exactly how the 28-year-old Illinois woman died has been rampant. On Thursday, details of Bland’s autopsy were announced and the prosecutor in the matter said that he did not see any evidence suggesting Bland’s case should be considered […]

As investigators continue to splice together details related to the mysterious death of Sandra Bland, a dash cam video of her July 10 arrest in Waller County, Texas has been released. In the clip, it is apparent that tension between Bland and the arresting officer occurred from the onset and escalated to her forceful arrest. […]