The University of Phoenix and NewsOne release an education documentary. It explores innovative solutions to complex educational problems in the African American community.

Advocates and educators say teachers can play a major role in bridging communities and schools. Teachers who know the community they serve are more effective.

Studies show that students connect better to teachers who look like them. A group of Black teachers and education advocates discuss the value of diversity.

Educators and activists issue an urgent call for community members to get involved in their local school. Parents must also participate in their child's education.

A coalition of education advocates traveled to four cities to spur strategic planning to reestablish the school & community bond. Community leaders and activists talk about the 'ideal school.'


We hope to bring solutions to the table that target the current state of our education while uplifting the educators dedicated to empowering their students.


Here, Dr. Christopher Emdin – a social critic, associate professor and the Director of Science Education at Columbia University’s Center for Health Equity and Urban Science Education – examines how representation in schools can create the opportunity for students to own their knowledge and actualize their creativity and brilliance.


The University of Phoenix has teamed up with NewsOne to “change the lives of students, families, and future generations through higher learning” by examining the factors that disable our students – from severe underrepresentation in schools to systemic poverty – in order to find solutions to combat those alarming disparities.

Saving Tomorrow Video

If the beginning of a child’s education is ultimately their foundation, it’s imperative that the answer to our nation’s failing education system is identified and remedied.