A video shows school staff using excessive force on a Black high school student.

A Baton Rouge charter school principal accused of locking a kindergartner in a broom closet has been suspended and faces arrest on felony and misdemeanor charges after a warrant was issued Monday.

With no safeguards in place, lawmakers voted to grant school districts total discretion on physical punishment of students.

A federal lawsuit accuses an officer and the Kansas City School district of unconstitutionally handcuffing a second-grader. The child was upset after being bullied by a classmate.

There's insufficient evidence to prosecute the White S.C. deputy who dragged a Black female student across the floor. Charges were also dropped against the teen and a witness who recorded the confrontation.

Principal Nadia Lopez has earned recognition for her inspirational programs. She's even more determined to steer her students on the path to success.

The Department of Justice and a South Carolina sheriff's department reach an agreement on police involvement in student discipline. Meanwhile the ACLU files a lawsuit against the state's vaguely worded statutes blamed for filling the school to prison pipeline.

An analysis of data revealed that the police arrest Black & Hispanic students disproportionately in NYC schools. The police are also more likely to handcuff students of color.

A local NAACP filed a lawsuit against a California school district. The civil rights group accused school officials of failing to follow through on a discipline agreement.

A Tennessee prosecutor said he will drop criminal charges against elementary school children. Parents protested the arrests.

A new study uncovers bias in how Virginia disciplines its students. This adds to the voices calling for alternatives methods of correcting student behavior.

Former dean Tyler E. Brewster says suspensions are not the most effective way to discipline disruptive students. The restorative justice advocate discusses an alternative approach.