Good News

The hit ABC sitcom 'Abbott Elementary' is teaming up with Scholastic to provide underfunded schools with free books.

Many Southern students find themselves in an awkward situation following the revelation that Georgia has 45 public schools named after Confederate leaders, the most for any US. state.


The money is intended to assist parents, teachers and students during the coronavirus crisis.


Unfortunately, racism in the classrooms appears to have become an overt trend.

Black girls are in crisis of entering the criminal justice system.

Black and Latino students continue to be underserved in public schools compared to Whites, according to data from the 2nd annual New Education Majority Poll.

There's anecdotal evidence of police excessive use of Tasers on students. But no one is keeping track.

Houston school district approves $1.2 M to rename schools honoring the Confederacy. The divisive plan goes into effect for the 2016-17 school year.

A survey found that students brought more than 185 guns to school so far for this academic year. The group that conducted the survey laments that there's no federal gun safety law in place.

Atrocious school conditions prompted the union to seek outside help to show the DPS just how harmful the lack of resources are for children.

In the face of a $480 million budget gap, an estimated 200 Chicago Public Schools employees are expected to receive pink slips in the latest round of belt-tightening at the nation's fourth largest school district.

Michigan's water crisis in Flint has also opened up concern for the state's school issues in Detroit, U.S. Uncut reports.