A 13-year-old Baltimore girl named Janiyah was empowered by peers after voicing deep vulnerabilities about her features.

One young lady has inspired girls to love themselves and their hair with her award-winning comic book, BuzzFeed reports. Troubled by her natural tresses and skin tone, 7-year-old Natalie McGriff and her mother Angie Nixon from Jacksonville, Fla., came up with the idea of the comic, The Adventures of Moxie Girl. The main character, Moxie Girl, uses a […]

Self-esteem, very simply, is your honest opinion of yourself. Doctors say that while the topic of self-esteem and self-confidence is often explored with children, many adults underestimate the importance of boosting their own feelings of self-worth. Many factors can help shape self-confidence, which is developed in early childhood. These factors can include your family, school, […]

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Late last year, Canadian writer Orville Lloyd Douglas wrote for The Guardian, “I can honestly say I hate being a black male.” His column about being trapped in his skin, his “personal prison” caused a stir in Internet circles and brought to the fore the issue of self-hatred in the black community. Roland Martin spoke with a […]