Pieper Lewis, who pleaded guilty to killing a man she said raped her, is back in custody after she escaped from a women’s center.

A Black women's group called on Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds to pardon the 17-year-old sex trafficking victim convicted for killing her rapist.

A GoFundMe for Pieper Lewis, 17, has soared to help her pay $150,000 to the family of her rapist.


The disgraced singer was previously convicted of racketeering and eight counts of an anti-sex trafficking law that could have seen him sent to prison for the rest of his life.

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Chopper from Diddy's hit MTV reality series 'Making The Band' is going out in the worst way after being nabbed on sex trafficking charges stemming from allegations that he's been operating as a Las Vegas pimp.

The policy forum noted that while people encouraging this yearly approach to the Super Bowl might mean well, these efforts often disregard the real stories and experiences of Black women and girls.


Community residents found two missing Black girls in Milwaukee after police delayed its response despite suspicions that the children were victims of a sex trafficking ring.


Her story is filled with abuse, trauma and financial hardship.

The South Carolina man have assaulted nearly 700 Black women and girls.

Jason Roger Pope was arrested in August after years of charges and arrest warrants.


She empathizes with the family while maintaining that she acted out of self-defense.

Aaliyah Hall Bell vanished in South Carolina while walking two blocks to visit her godmother.