WASHINGTON — In the Confederate circles he navigated, John Scobell was considered just another Mississippi slave: singing, shuffling, illiterate and completely ignorant of the Civil War going on around him. Confederate officers thought nothing of leaving important documents where Scobell could see them, or discussing troop movements in front of him. Whom would he tell? […]

MINNEAPOLIS — A Minneapolis man has petitioned that Lake Calhoun be renamed, arguing it’s inappropriate that a South Carolina politician who was an ardent supporter of slavery should have his name attached to one of Minnesota’s most popular recreational lakes. Retired computer programmer John Winters is suggesting that John C. Calhoun’s name be taken off […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s latest move is as old as time. In fathering a child with his former domestic servant, Mildred Baena, the Terminator has pretty much proven, to paraphrase the now infamous words of Denny Green, that he is who we thought he was. The French have a term for what Arnie’s done. It’s called droit […]

SOUTH CAROLINA – In a recent VH-1 documentary that had rapper 50 Cent find out about his ancestors and family history, a white lady who was a descendant of the white people who owned 50’s ancestors told him about Mongolian slaves who looked like Black people that were taken to America after he asked her […]

If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny that people actually argue that the Civil War wasn’t fought over slavery, and that, indeed, it was fought over “states’ rights.” Geniuses; the Civil War was fought over states’ rights to own slaves! That’s what the whole secession from the Union deal was about. That’s what […]

Don’t think for a second that the police themselves are behind the apparent upswing we’ve been witnessing lately in their heinous assaults on our fellow citizens. Also Read: Alicia Keys to direct Lifetime movie about breast cancer That’s like blaming the dog for biting you after you’ve clearly heard his owner yell“Sic ‘em!” No, the […]

LOS ANGELES- At a roast for real estate mogul, Donald Trump Jersey Shore star, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino made some offensive jokes about Snoop Dogg and slavery. “Yo Snoop, what up dawg … you know you have so much in common with Donald Trump? Trump’s ancestors were into real estate … and your ancestors were […]

GAHANNA, Ohio —  An African-American mother and son were astonished after a History teacher at Chapelfield Elementary School held a mock slave auction,  dividing the class into “Slaves” and “Masters”. The class only had two black students in the class; one was assigned “Master”, and the other, Nikko Burton, was assigned “Slave”. Burton, 10, was […]

RICHMOND, Va. — The University of Virginia has acquired a rare first edition of an 1829 anti-slavery manifesto that was considered a rallying cry for black Americans and a major threat to Southern leaders, who worked vigorously to ban it.

LOS ANGELES-The Church Of Scientology is being investigated by the FBI for several illegal practices, according to blockbuster article in the New Yorker, that focuses on former Scientologist, Paul Haggis, who directed “Crash.” The article claims that Scientology members were forced to abandon their family, pay the Church, play high stakes games of musical chairs, […]

TENNESSEE The Tea Party of Tennessee wants to remove incidents of slavery and genocide from American textbooks for fear they would besmirch the image of the Founding Fathers: The Memphis Commercial Appeal reports. As a result, the Tea Party organizations argue, there should be “no portrayal of minority experience in the history which actually occurred […]

New York — Today, as promised, the Congress read the Constitution out loud today. Or parts of it. They actually opted to only read the Constitution-as-amended, meaning among other things they left out the three-fifths compromise that declared slaves to be the equivalent of three-fifths of a full vote.  They also left out the 18th […]