The conservative host now faces serious health problems.

A new study adds urgency for the need of Black folks to quit smoking.

Young Black people who are subject to racial abuse are around 80 percent more likely to take up smoking before the age of 16, a new study showed.

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This form of cancer poses the highest risk to women and it’s on the rise Though breast cancer has a bright pink ribbon and gets a lot of media attention, it isn’t the leading cause of cancer deaths among American women. The cancer that holds that honor is lung cancer. In fact, lung cancer causes […]

According to a new study, certain types of cancers are very much connected to your wealth (or lack of). “Socioeconomic status is not something that appears on a medical record, so it is not really part of national cancer statistics, and this has skewed our thinking about cancer risk,” said study co-author Kevin Henry, an […]


Kansas City Bans Smoking Inside Public Housing Apartments It’s one thing to ban smoking from bars and restaurants, as Kansas City did in 2008 following years of fierce debate. It’s quite another to say people can’t smoke in their own homes and yards — yet that’s precisely what the Kansas City Housing Authority is preparing to […]

Health experts disagree about the safety of electronic cigarettes: Some say they are a significant alternative to cigarettes. Other say they aren’t all that healthy, since their main ingredient, nicotine, is derived from tobacco. Critics of e-cigarettes have also pointed out that their nicotine content and various flavors actually make people more likely to smoke, not […]

So. You know that occasional joint? Turns out, a new study says it might not be as okay as you thought it was. In the first study to link casual marijuana use to major brain changes, researchers say that even occasionally smoking marijuana may rewire your brain and cause structural changes. The study is published in […]

According to the CDC, there has been an increase in the number of cases of nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes. Disturbingly, 51 percent of calls to poison hotlines have involved children aged 5 and younger, while 42 percent involved people aged 20 and older. “The time has come to start thinking about what we can do to keep […]

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Teens think they are too young to worry about lung or heart disease — or even developing wrinkles as a result of smoking — and that is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is trying to grab their attention in its first youth-oriented anti-smoking campaign. SEE ALSO: Subway Promises To Remove Plastic Chemical Out […]

ATLANTA — Tobacco taxes and smoking bans haven’t budged the U.S. smoking rate in years. Now the government is trying to shock smokers into quitting with a graphic nationwide advertising campaign. The billboards and print, radio and TV ads show people whose smoking resulted in heart surgery, a tracheotomy, lost limbs or paralysis. The $54 […]