As the world still celebrates the gift of Nelson Mandela's life as well as mourns the loss of his life, check out some of Madiba's most powerful speeches.

The Oscar, Tony, and Emmy winner is one of the greatest actress of all time, here are some of her most epic speeches.

Year after year when we honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s (pictured) legacy, Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech is often the most-celebrated. On “NewsOne Now,” though, Roland Martin discusses how even as we focus on that speech, we often miss the main point. SEE ALSO: President Obama Gives First Lady Hawaiian Vacation As […]

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From the NY Times: WASHINGTON — President Obama said Wednesday night that leaders in Washington face a “deficit of trust,” as he used his first State of the Union address to try to restore public confidence in his administration and to convince the American people that he is intensely focused on the issues that concern […]

Before the State of the Union Address, I knew that President Barack Obama was going to give a great speech, as he always does.  I knew he would remind us that he has become the black male Oprah Winfrey:  The person of color that everyone seems to love.

From the NY Times: WASHINGTON — For all the questions circulating in Democratic quarters as President Obama tries to weather the worst storm of his administration, perhaps none is as succinct as this: Are the missteps at the White House rooted in message or substance?